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Creating safety with every language

What is SUA?

Sua began as a word-of-the-day email designed to be a simple language learning tool. It has evolved into a tool to encourage people to create safety in their relationships through language.


Is SUA for me?

Yes! Our word-of-the-day emails are for everyone. Whether you’re looking to work on your relationship with a friend, bond with a loved one, create a connection with a stranger, or even understand a competitor, this simple tool can be your starting point. 


How does SUA work?

It’s simple. Tell us the relationship you’re working on, the language of the person you’re trying to connect with and what you’d like that person to understand about you. We’ll send you an email with a word. Try out the word with the person and see how they respond. Do they like this word? Should you use this word more with them? Maybe they don’t like this word. Add it to the list of words to avoid with this person.


We know that using the language of their heart can help strengthen a connection, heal a hurt and create the foundation for a strong, healthy relationship. 


What’s next?

If you’re serious about your relationships, why not sign up for a membership? You’ll be able to work on multiple relationships at the same time, creating and strengthening your own tribe. As a member, you’ll receive access to exclusive content; unlock discounts on dictionaries, workbooks and our unique language gifts; as well as receiving a special gift to mark your learning milestones. 


How can I contact kasahorow?


As we learn and grow, we’d love for you to share your experience of kasahorow with us. You can share your thoughts and feedback with us by emailing help@kasahorow.com.